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The continuation of the work of our ancestors

For centuries, the Kamienna Góra has been seen as a strong center of weaving industry and then of developed textile industry. In order to build on the rich history of our ancestors, we try to cultivate and develop our traditions. Our mission is to produce natural fabrics and clothing products and to promote the trend of being ECO.


Market leadership

We are a continuation of the activities of Polski Len (Polish Linen). Our company has a growing recognition among our domestic and foreign counterparts. However, we are aware that only continuous technological and human development will allow us to develop the trend of being ECO by using natural fabrics. We are not afraid to challenge ourselves and to set ourselves demanding goals. This makes us strive for excellence and leadership in the global market.


Continuous development

Our objective is to continuously grow our business. Only in this way will we be able to meet the many challenges and expectations of our counterparts each time. Our development is determined by the internal concept of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). It takes into account social interests, environmental protection and relations with all stakeholder groups.

Discover our strongest assets

Fully natural
Linen fabrics are considered to be a fully natural, reproducible and biodegradable material. By using not only linen but also other natural fabrics in your company, you contribute to the protection of the environment. All thanks to the reduction of undegradable, used packaging products made of artificial material.
We are a POLISH manufacturer
Our seat is located in Kamienna Góra. It is here that we produce the natural fabrics that have been sent to our customers worldwide for many years. We are proud of our origin because our location has a rich tradition of the weaving and the textile industry. We are a continuation of the activities of Polski Len (Polish Linen).
We merge tradition and modernity
Kamienna Góra has always been an important textile industry center in Poland with an extremely rich history. In our business we combine rich traditions with modernity. Innovative staining, decoration and refinement methods enable us to meet the growing demands of our customers, all while respecting the values and traditions of our ancestors.
We’re always on the TOP
Natural fabrics such as linen or cotton will never come out of fashion. Linen is a natural fabric whose properties were appreciated as early as in antiquity. Now, with the growing trend to be ECO and the Handmade style, it is once again becoming an extremely valued material for designers. The use of the woven fabric is as unlimited as creativity of the designers.
Durable in use
Natural fibers are extremely resistant to repeated friction and stretching during everyday use. In addition, linen fabrics become even stronger after each washing, mangling, ironing and they also gain visually. It is not for nothing that it is said that linen products are purchased for years.
Natural fabrics are mainly appreciated by people who are allergic. Anti-static and anti-bacterial properties help to avoid attracting dust and developing the mites. Natural fabrics are also recommended for chronic patients, preventing dulcers and helping to regenerate the organism.
Świat Lnu - Producent tkanin naturalnych

Specjalizujemy się w produkcji tkanin oraz wyrobów naturalnego pochodzenia. Łączymy wieloletnie doświadczenie z nowoczesnym zapleczem technologicznym, kontynuując tradycje naszych przodków.

Świat Lnu Sp. z o. o., ul. Nadrzeczna 1 A, 58-400 Kamienna Góra, Polska
Sąd Rejonowy dla Wrocławia Fabrycznej we Wrocławiu, IX Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego, Kapitał zakładowy: 143 500,00 PLN
REGON: 017323023, NIP: 526-25-66-337, KRS: 0000037171
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