Offer / Decorative fabrics

Accessories which change the interiors
Our ancestors believed that flax is a plant with a soul. Today no one believes the folklore fable, however linen never lost its magic. Linen fabrics work miracles in different interiors. Depending on one’s needs, linen fabrics can give an interior a warm or a noble character or give it a hint of folklore. What is important is that it works great and suits both modern and classical interiors. It was not without a reason that linen in the past was used for decoration in both cottages of peasants and bedrooms of rulers.

You can change your apartment or house with:

  • fabrics with traditional, canvas or hopsack weave,
  • upholstery fabrics,
  • transparent, so-called sheer fabrics,
  • rustic fabrics,
  • printed canvas.



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