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The qualities of linen make it difficult to find a better material for clothes, especially for the summer season. It is durable, yet permeable to air. It allows the skin to breathe and does not absorb water. Above all, it is easy to wash as it is resistant to high temperatures.

Linen is not only comfortable, but also healthy. It has anti-bacterial and anti-allergy qualities what makes it the perfect fabric for people suffering from allergies.

Linen is often perceived as fabric which is drab, boring and unfashionable. We fight these stereotypes. Our designers create fanciful finishes and original designs, and due to the modern dyeing and printing technology we can offer products in a varied selection of colours.

Linen is a material eagerly chosen by people who care for the natural environment. It is made out of natural resources, it is biodegradable, and thus it leaves no hazardous waste behind.



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