Linen / Birthplace of tradition

Rich tradition
Kamienna Góra, which is where our company is located, is the birthplace of the linen manufacturing tradition. Its beginnings date back to the 15th century, when the first production facility was established. The time of prosperity of the linen production trade in the 18th and 19th century resulted in establishing a great factory with 4000 spindles, making Kamienna Góra one of the most important linen manufacturing centres in the country. A mechanized spinning mill was established in 1841, and only 21 years later, after a significant progress in mechanization, the first mechanical weaving mill was established.

In its activity, the Świat Lnu company combines the tradition of many centuries and the modern production processes and technology. This is why our products have the highest quality and aesthetics. We are also happy that our company is helping Kamienna Góra establish a high position in the national linen manufacturing trade. The city can boast of the status of the leading centres of linen fabric production.



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