„Me and Slavic Silk" - Estera Grabarczyk - Andrzej Grabarczyk

Estera Grabarczyk and Andrzej Grabarczyk became the authors of the book 'Me and Slavic Silk'. In a way this is a summary of the last years of the designer's activity together with the opinions of people participating in her shows.

The book presents the latest works of Mrs. Estera Grabarczyk and is a collection of statements by the author and models participating in the shows since 2014. As she admits herself, her projects are dedicated to every woman, without any marginalization and hierarchization - "My works are for every ordinary and every exceptional woman, because each of us is extraordinary and ordinary at the same time. Each of us has our duties and struggles, but also fantasies and desires. All these are conveyed by my work. " - says the author of the book "Me and Slavic Silk".

Estera Grabarczyk very willingly shows her projects to a wide audience. Contrary to appearances, the organization of this type of event is as time consuming and demanding as the design of linen clothes and accessories - "When creating a given collection, always before preparing for the current one, we know what we would like to show next year. However, due to the fact that both I have Andrzej and I have a lot of ideas, this collection changes anyway during creation. We are already looking for music, inspiration for choreography and stage design. "

We sincerely congratulate on the implementation of all ideas and we are looking forward to her next projects.



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